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[VIDEO] How Does Artificial Intelligence Tag Tech Work?

Whether you are completely new to AI Music tagging, or you’re looking for a deeper understanding, then this is the video for you.

Find Similar Music to the Star Wars Theme in Seconds

Our Music Strategist, Xiao’an tests our search technology as he tries to find similar music to the Star Wars theme tune in Melodie Music’s library.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Music Search for DJs

When Mack started DJing 20 years ago, things were very manual and limited. Fast forward to now, DJs are able to search for music and create sets at their fingertips. But what about the future and beyond – read more as he explores the trends and possibilities of DJing in the future.

The New Billboard Global Chart: An Analysis of the Top 100

Last week (Sept 14) saw the launch of the Global Billboard Chart which ranks the…

Virtual Performances: Travis Scott, Marshmello, and The Weeknd: But who’s next?

While live music hasn’t been able to get back to the glory days pre-pandemic, we’ve seen Travis Scott, Marshmello and The Weeknd turning into virtual characters as they perform live in virtual environemnts on social and gaming apps TikTok and Fortnite. What is it that makes them perfect to perform in such an environment? Can our AI tell us anything about common threads in their music?

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 vs 1+2: Soundtrack Comparison

In anticipation of its long-awaited release, we compared its soundtracks with the original THPS to understand more about the music and if there were any interesting developments since then.

AI Tagging John Legend’s #TogetherAtHome Concert Series Live Stream

Stream concerts; not only a tribute to the resourcefulness of musicians and the industry, but…

A WFH Playlist For Lo-Fi and DownTempo Lovers

Set a morning routine, make a list of tasks you want to achieve, set a…

A Beginner’s Guide to AI Personalisation Technology… For Streaming Services

The race for the most amount of music on streaming services has had a lot…