Li Xiao'an

I am a composer and run a small distributed music, voice, and audio production team comprised of experts in 3 countries. I have a deep interest in startups, business, venture capital, networking, and learning about new ideas. I love meeting founders, angels, and people in VC and private equity to talk shop and connect people that need each other. I've Served clients and brands including Ubisoft, Garena (SEA), IGG Games, Hogarth Worldwide, We Are Social, Moving Bits, Playstudios, Ferrero, Samsung, GSK, Pernod Ricard, Pan Pacific Hotels etc. I’ve also worked with Wang Leehom, Joanna Dong, Derrick Hoh, Luke Slott, and a number of other artists. Founded and ran a professional orchestra in Boston for 5 years.

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Can 5200 Songs Tell You Where Viral Music Is Going?

We used our AI to analyze 5,200 viral songs from 104 weekly charts in the USA from 2019-2020 to see if we could discern useful patterns in Genre with actionable takeaways for artists and labels.

Can AI Reveal The Secrets Of Where To Launch Your Music?

Chartmetric’s Trigger Cities were driven by rigorous analysis of user behavior. The question is, are there any underlying, purely musical factors driving this behavior? We use our AI to investigate.

Can AI Teach You How To Make Amazing Hit Songs?

What makes a hit? We used our Hit Potential algorithm to analyze two commercial hits – Dynamite by BTS and Girl Like Me by Black Eyed Peas and Shakira – by the second.

Can AI predict Hit Songs? Spotify New Release vs. Spotify Top 200.

Many commercial music decisions are made based solely on gut feel. But given that 21m+ tracks are released on streaming platforms yearly, A&R executives know what it’s like to be inundated in low quality demos. The question: Can an AI be trained to help in this process?

Can A Piece Of Music Be More Than The Sum Of Its Parts?

Xiao’an puts our AI to the test as he explores how the tags of each constituent part of a song differ, and how this impacts the tags assigned to the complete song.

How accurate was Jessie J’s cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing?”

Our AI listened to the two different versions as Xiao’An explores the aspect of music covers.

Do Chords Have Emotions? Our AI Finds Out.

Major Is Happy, Minor Is Sad? If you’ve ever heard anything about chords and harmony,…

4 Violinists. 1 Piece Of Music. Can AI Spot The Difference?

In this post, we take a deep dive into the effects of musical interpretation, where we explore different musicians performing the same classic music.

Which Country Should You Market Your Music In? Data Might Help You Make Better Decisions.

Which Southeast Asian country should you market your music in? In this article, we learn how we can apply data to our decision making.

What Makes Music Go Viral in Southeast Asia?

How can one tell when a piece of music is going to go viral? We look at each of the weekly top 20 viral tracks on Spotify in Southeast Asia to extract information about different tastes in the region.