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AI Tagging John Legend’s #TogetherAtHome Concert Series Live Stream

AI Tagging John Legend’s #TogetherAtHome Concert Series Live Stream

Stream concerts; not only a tribute to the resourcefulness of musicians and the industry, but something I’m sure you’ll agree, we’ll want to take with us beyond 2020.

QuestLove, Dolly Parton, Diplo, One Republic, and Calvin Harris have all got in on the act. And if you haven’t seen Chris Martin forget how to play the piano for a moment in his, it’s a must-watch… because that’s what live streaming is all about; swapping a little bit of the polish and shine, for a bit of honest, instantly connected entertainment.

If you haven’t checked out John Legend’s live stream yet, then you can check it out here…

It’s full of John Legend’s classics and a few special covers, with a special appearance from his wife Chrissy Teagan, who, at the request of netizens, wore just a towel for this intimate performance.

We dropped all of the tracks from his live stream into the demo on our homepage and below you can see the results. Legend’s tracks, for the most part, lean slightly positive on the emotional spectrum and it’ll come as no surprise that the mood is often romantic and relaxed. But as we listen to the stream, it wouldn’t be a John Legend story without a bit of tension which he brings in with covers of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water and Raise Your Glass By Deana Dealy. All before bringing it back and resolving the whole performance with Beauty and the Beast, Preach and finally of course, All of Me. Check out the full tags below…

John Legend Live Stream Tracklist and Tags*

*tags below are for the original versions of the tracks (not from the video)

0:30 Stevie Wonder – Love’s in Need of Love Today

07:10 John LegendStay with You

14:15 John LegendEverybody Knows

18:40 John LegendGood Morning

23:05 Simon & GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled Water

26:37 Deana DeadlyRaise Your Glass

27:35 John LegendConversations in the Dark

31:00 John LegendBeauty and the Beast

33:50 John LegendPreach

46:31 John LegendAll of Me

Thanks for reading! To try our tagging demo for free, visit our website and drop in any YouTube link to receive the full set of tags.

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